About me

Male | 21 | USA | INFJ (P?) | Bisexual Biromantic | Taurus | Hispanic

My interests are vocal synth, specifically UTAU and Vocaloid, digital art, Macross (Frontier & Delta), and games. I've been involved in UTAU for around 8-9 years now!

I can be pretty shy but I love making friends so don't be afraid to dm me or ask for my discord!

A few other things I like:
using emoticons (kaomoji)cute thingssnackingcatsThe Legend of Zelda
Thank you for reading! ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ


Do not follow or expect me to follow you if you are:

Homophobic, racist, etc.
Against feminism
Against BLM
Support abuse or abusers
Pedo/MAP/sexualize minors
Antisemitic/Islamophobic etc.

Please do not vaguepost about me.

I may tweet almost daily about my thoughts or what I'm doing (progress on art, if I'm tired, or UTAU vb making for example), please be aware of that before following.

If I do ever do anything wrong or hurt/upset you please let me know so I can learn from my mistakes!


Macross is a huge significant interest of mine and I take it really seriously. It means so much to me. Ranka Lee is my favorite idol!My cat's name is Beans! He's the black kitty you'll occasionally see popup on your TLI have a small handful of mental illnessesPuedo hablar español pero por favor no esperes frases extremadamente fluidas.También de vez en cuando tuiteo en español.